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Seimas focus on COVID-19 during 2020 Spring Session -

The Seimas closed its spring session, which had started on 10-03-2020. The session was held under extraordinary conditions because of the coronavirus.

MP Kasčiūnas: ‘Let's strive for the status of the main US ally in the region’ -

MP Kasčiūnas; lest establish a strategic partnership with the USA in the field of defence and seek Lithuania’s status of the main US ally in the region.

Very Quiet Public attends 6 July Concert at Lithuanian Embassy -

Due to the pandemic, a concert in Paris for the Lithuania Independence Restoration Day on 11 March 2020 was rescheduled to Lithuania's National Day.

Pandemic encourages Lithuanians to employ unique solutions – smart cities and their systems already within arm’s reach - the Lithuania Tribune

The COVID-19 pandemic which has shaken Lithuania as well as the entire world, car parking guidance systems to threaten humanity with a second wave, and the world’s countries and companies are calculating how this could [...]

Astravyets divides the Baltic States - the Lithuania Tribune

When the Balts met they welcomed the success of the fight against COVID-19, but disagreements have arisen over the Astravyets nuclear power plant.

Astravyets on an electoral platter of the Lithuaninan Parliament elections -

The nearing Lithuainan Parliement elections and launch date of Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant have linked these seemingly unrelated events

Baltic Private Equity and Venture Capital market is rapidly developing -

The post-financial crisis period of 2010-2019 proved that the Baltic Private Equity were able to cope and recover from large economic downturns successfully

Citus to build another 119 apartments in the Vilnius Burbiškės forest valley - the Lithuania Tribune

The real estate development and management company Citus is launching the second of three stages of development in the capital’s Burbiškės area project Miško Ardai, featuring 119 apartments. This stage is to conclude by Q2 [...]

Hijacking Ukraine’s green energy future - the Lithuania Tribune

Several years ago, Ukraine became an attractive place for investors in the green energy sector after having established beneficial green tariffs – the payments for electricity produced from the renewable sources of energy. In addition [...]

V. Valiušaitis. Once again: why did we revolt in June 1941? -

Soviet propaganda has been relentlessly telling lies, despising the June 1941 uprising, the commemoration of its participants.

COVID 19 and security issues faced by people working online - the Lithuania Tribune

As the threat of the novel COVID 19 continues to persist; organizations all over the world are rapidly embracing the “work from home” culture as the new normal and even urging their employees to adopt [...]

Lithuania a growing eSports market - the Lithuania Tribune

The growing popularity of eSports was already evident even prior to the world wide COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has only served to open up the eyes of the masses to exactly how huge, and perhaps [...]

A. Ažubalis - I won’t give up my state - the Lithuania Tribune

In the context of this pandemic, we tend to hear more active calls by Western politicians for urgent transformation of the European Union, i.e. achieving deeper political integration, which would supposedly meet the dynamics in [...]

Lithuanian company offers solution for international control of coronavirus test and vaccine - the Lithuania Tribune

Since the global coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, it has affected people all over the world. Freedom of movement has completely collapsed. Coronavirus has turned citizen lives upside down in each country in a matter [...]

Anušauskas: “Occupation”, “deportations”, and other “forbidden” words in history exams - the Lithuania Tribune

With the debate in the Committee on National Security and Defense on civil resistance and the involvement of responsible educational institutions in such education, I simply opened up the assignments for the national proficiency examination [...]

Call from the air: Vilnius invites visitors with a flight of hot air balloons - the Lithuania Tribune

The representatives of museums, guides, tour operators and hospitality professionals together with the mayor Remigijus Šimašius flew in a hot air balloon over the city, inviting the soon-to-come visitors to enjoy the summer in Vilnius. [...]

Can hardly wait for Nausėda to bang his fist on the table -

President Gitanas Nausėda is increasingly often reproached for being too passive, and a “search for the president” is being announced ironically.

Gestapo and NKVD: A History of Chekist-Nazi Cooperation -

Between 1939 and 1940, several so-called "Gestapo-NKVD conferences" were held on the territory of Poland, shared by the two Allies.

A tragic Lithuanian partisan story - the Lithuania Tribune

We published a photograph to identify one of two uniformed Lithuanian partisans, sitting in the forest. One of them was Bronius Balašaitis-Benius...

Baltic experts pool ideas for digital governance and electoral safety -

Digital and electoral policy experts from the three Baltic states gathered virtually to exchange recommendations on mitigating the Covid-19 impact on election planning and discuss digital solutions, including internet voting (i-voting).  The panellists – heads [...]

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