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Bankera client expenses analysis: with the lockdown relaxed, spending across almost all areas - the Lithuania Tribune

As lockdown relaxed, client expense statistics from Bankera indicates that Europeans have begun spending in large amounts. Compared to the first and second quarters of this year, there has been a notable increase in expenses [...]

Lithuania must prepare for the most unexpected decisions and diversionary terrorist attacks from Lukashenko -

The current influx of migrants, purposefully directed from Belarus into Lithuania, is dangerous, not due to poor experience in handling based on international regulations a widespread around the world matter but because of a potentially [...]

Tesonet Accelerator to Focus on Investment Stage Startups -

Tesonet begins targeted investment and hands-on work with startups by launching the Tesonet Accelerator, designed with a functioning MVP

Municipality residents frightened by migrants: some are afraid of visiting the store - the Lithuania Tribune

Representatives from municipalities say that due to there are currently more questions than answers right now regarding the influx of migrants. Some municipalities concede that they will soon be no longer able to receive arrivals [...]

Study: One in two Lithuanian workers would be caught by a fraudulent email - the Lithuania Tribune

There remains a large segment of employees in Lithuanian companies who are unable to recognise email fraud. An investigative social engineering simulation by Responsu found that an entire 54% of individuals reading a phishing email [...]

Januška counts Nausėda’s mistakes: “An example of poor politics” -

Lithuania cannot act effectively on its own in foreign affairs, so it must always seek allies. This could be said of the European Union's

Lithuanian scientists provide insights into migration culture -

Migration has been a pressing issue in Europe for several years now, and recently it has posed new challenges especially in Lithuania

Seimas revises asylum application procedures for Lithuania -

The Lithuanian parliament adopted amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens and the accompanying legislation of asylum applications

Seimas adopted resolution on countering hybrid aggression - the Lithuania Tribune

The Seimas adopted a Resolution on Countering Hybrid Aggression stating that countries hostile towards Lithuania have been waging hybrid aggression against the Republic of Lithuania, which constitutes a threat to our country and the external border of [...]

How to Secure Your Passwords - the Lithuania Tribune

Now more than ever, strong passwords are essential. Unfortunately, many users don’t use strong passwords, nor do they know

Will the sanction clouds darken Belarus’ skies and two potential scenarios -

If sanctions could help replace the political regimes in Russia and Belarus, I would approve even their most severe variants

Looking at the Four Lithuanian NBA Stars - the Lithuania Tribune

Lithuania has a reputation for creating exceptional basketball players, some of whom make it all the way to the biggest stage, the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. There are four Lithuanians currently [...]

The current situation of Lithuanian manufacturing is assessed better than future prospects. Why? - the Lithuania Tribune

A few years ago, Continental and Hella established production sites in Lithuania. Some months ago, Yazaki announced the closure of the plant in Lithuania. It is worth looking more closely at what determines the decisions [...]

German historical TV drama Sisi is filmed in Vilnius’ famous spot -

Sisi a historical TV drama about Empress Elizabeth of Austria, transformed Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, into a filming location.

Sociologist on the newest party ratings: I don’t even recall such results -

June has completely shuffled around the usual picture on the Lithuanian party popularity table. After a pause, the LSDP has taken 2nd place

Lithuanian Film Pavilion in 74th Cannes Film Festival -

At the Lithuanian Film Pavilion the visitors will be able to find out about the very generous conditions of film production in Lithuania

8 Time Management Hacks for Busy Students - the Lithuania Tribune

Time management is crucial to the success of college students. Between classes, homework, and extracurricular activities, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything that needs to be done. This post will share [...]

Harder, Better, Faster: What Is Academic Rigor and Why Does It Matter? - the Lithuania Tribune

“Every obstacle is destroyed through rigor,” said Leonardo da Vinci. This Renaissance genius certainly knew what he was talking about. Da Vinci was born out of wedlock in a tiny Italian town. Still, notwithstanding his [...]

Different countries have different approaches to rules and regulations – online gambling in Scandinavia and Baltics - the Lithuania Tribune

Like many other countries in the world, all Scandinavian and Baltic countries are experiencing an increased interest in online gambling. The ability to play your favorite games from the comfort of your home – using [...]

On Nausėda’s controversial step: sacrificing the country’s image in the name of popularity - the Lithuania Tribune

President Gitanas Nausėda’s decision to stand with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces criticism from the majority of European Union states, has been described by political experts as not in line with Lithuanian interests [...]

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