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Tension between Russia and the West: Moscow’s dangerous demonstrations of force and preposterous urging - the Lithuania Tribune

The exchange of diplomatic slaps between Russia and the West has reached unprecedented levels since the Skripal poisoning in the UK in 2018. Russian diplomats were sent from Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the US, Czechia, [...]

On the “Farmers’” manoeuvres – it’s not Karbauskis’ whims, but part of a larger strategy - the Lithuania Tribune

Political scientists note that the Lithuanian Farmer and Greens Union (LVŽS) plans to increasingly distance themselves from the ruling bloc’s initiatives aren’t the fulfilment of party chairman Ramūnas Karbauskis‘ whims, Leonardas Marcinkevičius writes in [...]

Bankruptcy of JSC Baltic Defence Industries in Lithuania - the Lithuania Tribune

The Lithuanian defence industry is quite small and produces mostly tier 2 and tier 3 type products. Most of the production goes for export, which comprises around one percent of all the state export. Two [...]

Urbonaitė : I don‘t see anyone willing to burn their political careers - the Lithuania Tribune

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė’s statement that upon feeling that the Conservatives Seimas group no longer backs her, she would question her continued leadership of the cabinet has stirred significant emotions and debate. The statement was [...]

Discover the biggest football stadiums in Spain -

See our list with the 6 biggest Football Stadium in Spain and which clubs own them

The Best Gift Ideas For Her Want In 2021 - the Lithuania Tribune

When it comes to purchasing gifts for the special lady in your life you are faced with a mountain of options and sometimes, you’re not entirely sure where to start. The thing about gifts, is [...]

Covid-19. April 28 - the Lithuania Tribune

Last day, 1,585 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Lithuania – 554 more than the day before. Fifteen people have died from COVID-19, the Department of Statistics reported this morning. The incidence rate [...]

New Covid strain was found in Lithuania - the Lithuania Tribune

New Covid strain detected in Lithuania was found not only in Anykščiai but also in other cities. It is linked to greater resistance

5G networking rapidly developing across Lithuania: controls tightened, politicians’ eyes turn to Huawei - the Lithuania Tribune

With 5G connectivity being developed around the country, the government looks at its regulation. The ruling bloc has proposed to judge the new technology’s implementation by way of national security criteria and prohibit access to [...]

Reviving an abandoned former aviation factory in Kaunas to new life – science and business innovations to be created here - the Lithuania Tribune

The abandoned former aviation factory hangar between Kaunas’ Europe Avenue and Lakūnai Motorway will change beyond recognition. The first building for a newly forming innovation park will be built here, adapted to the needs of [...]

Covid-19. April 27 - the Lithuania Tribune

Reluctance to test may make it difficult to return to school not only before the end of the year but also in the fall – said the minister of healthcare. In Arūnas Dulkys’ opinion, we [...]

Covid-19. April 26 - the Lithuania Tribune

Today, further loosening of the restrictions comes into force. After an almost six-month break, fitness clubs and gyms, some swimming pools and saunas are resuming their activities. Open spaces may be used for sports and [...]

The opposition carriage might not hold up – internal bickering has dug a deep crisis pit - the Lithuania Tribune

Mutual bickering might be an even more important and time-consuming activity than opposing the ruling block. After going down this path, it appears that the Seimas opposition might be unable to escape it until the [...]

VIP Terminal at Vilnius Airport sees record growth in demand - the Lithuania Tribune

There was a demand growth of record-high speed in the first quarter of 2021 in the Vilnius Airport’s new VIP terminal, which was opened back in 2020. During the first three months of 2021, 777 [...]

Things You Need To Know Before Gambling Online - the Lithuania Tribune

Whether or not you are the conventional gambler who was forced to switch to online gambling (because of Covid, obviously) or you never tried any kind of gambling previously, before beginning gambling online there is [...]

V. Sinica. Lithuania doesn`t glorify Nazis and Noreika wasn`t one (a response to Silvia Foti) - the Lithuania Tribune

Silvia Foti is a granddaughter of the anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet resistance member Jonas Noreika, participant of the June Uprising in 1941, imprisoned by Nazis in Stutthof in 1943, returned to Lithuania to organise new resistance [...]

Covid-19. April 23 - the Lithuania Tribune

Sodra has joined the government’s initiative to promote vaccination among the elderly. The Sodra Information Centre is calling over 112,000 people from all over Lithuania who have not been vaccinated so far and invites them [...]

Covid 19. April 22 - the Lithuania Tribune

Another vaccination centre will be opened in Vilnius next week. It will be launched at the Litexpo exhibition centre. According to the local government, in the largest hall in the centre, marked with number 5, [...]

Covid-19. April 21 - the Lithuania Tribune

The double-mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has arrived in Europe. The mutation was discovered in samples taken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Indian specialists are checking whether it may be more infectious or less [...]

NATO forces could be bogged down in Suwalki Gap if Russians attack -

Suwalki Gap: if NATO had to quickly shift its military into the Baltic States it could face severe difficulties passing it.

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