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Economists revise forecasts for 2024: slower inflation decline and economic growth expected - the Lithuania Tribune

Taking into account the intentions of the US and the European Central Bank to keep interest rates at higher levels for longer, the worsening outlook for the global economy, and the potential risks to EU [...]

In the Lithuanian soil study - both good and bad news - the Lithuania Tribune

On the Lithuanian Banks’ Association (LBA) initiative, a group of scientists has prepared a geographic study on soil erosion risk assessment in Lithuania. In it, experts analysed the country’s current soil erosion risk situation and [...]

Mažylis. Is the geopolitical centre of influence shifting to Eastern Europe? - the Lithuania Tribune

Parliamentary elections are held in Poland on 15 October. Now that emotions have cooled down, it is safe to say that the recent Polish parliamentary elections were followed as closely as ever in Europe. It [...]

A Kingdom of crooked mirrors: law on evil's secret service - the Lithuania Tribune

One can be fined there for a poster, a badge on a bag, blue jeans, and a yellow sweater, for holding a blank sheet of paper, Orwell’s book, and for “no war” as a profile [...]

In Biden's speech - the Baltic States: when speaking about the war in Israel and Ukraine, he mentions us not coincidentally - the Lithuania Tribune

Last Friday, US President Joe Biden addressed the population, stating that two democracies, Ukraine and Israel, are currently facing existential threats. He said that although Hamas and Putin represent different threats, they share a common [...]

The main Israel mistake and shift on Russia - the Lithuania Tribune

“Israel is preparing for a long war that could spread to western territories. The possibility that the Lebanese Muslim Hezbollah terrorists may also join the war cannot be ruled out,” said Žygimantas Pavilionis, Chairman of [...]

What would a new Polish Govt mean for Lithuania? Former PMs on past problems and the future - the Lithuania Tribune

Poland’s historic Parliamentary elections could mean a new government for Lithuania’s close ally – although the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party won the most votes, it is the liberal Civic Coalition, led by Poland’s [...]

Riga Conference 2023: leading the way in global geopolitical turbulence - the Lithuania Tribune

The Latvian capital, Riga, is set to host the annual Riga Conference from 20-21 October at the National Library of Latvia. A prestigious gathering, it has, since 2006, positioned itself as a significant platform for [...]

How the new bank solidarity tax affects Scandinavian banks in Lithuania and residents - the Lithuania Tribune

Several experts have argued that the new bank tax – the Solidarity Tax – will discourage foreign investment. However, the result has been different, with the promise that we will soon see a new bank [...]

Vytautas Bruveris. Terrorists hope that the enemy will finally fall. But what if it's the other way around - the Lithuania Tribune

The world is changing. It already has. We are all already living in a new historical period, with instability and insecurity at its core and growing, Vytautas Bruveris, the director of ELTA news agency, wrote. [...]

Astana hosted the 21st Session of the Secretariat of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions - the Lithuania Tribune

Today, religious leaders and their representatives from 23 countries discussed the progress in implementing the Declaration of the Seventh Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. The Session also approved the Development Concept of [...]

War and grain (under title) Ukraine and the world war that dare not speak its name - the Lithuania Tribune

The US policy of “strategic caution” towards Russia, as devised by the Biden administration, may be criticised for its implementation but the principle behind it is hard to contest.[i] However, the policy has had a [...]

SBA furniture companies are streamlining management: more responsibilities for executives - the Lithuania Tribune

SBA Home-affiliated furniture companies are streamlining management and expanding the responsibilities of their top executives. In line with this, changes in the management of some companies are also underway, according to the SBA press release. [...]

An unexpected trend in Lithuania's growing intolerance to corruption - the Lithuania Tribune

Most Lithuanians consider corruption widespread, even though only 7% of people have had direct contact with it. These are the main findings of the European Commission’s EU-wide Eurobarometer survey, Lietuvos rytas wirtes in its editorial. [...]

Are there labour shortages? It's time to call on compatriots who have emigrated - the Lithuania Tribune

Discussions about the shortage of skilled workers and how to attract them have been increasingly focussing on Lithuanian citizens who have emigrated yet are considering returning to Lithuania – not least because the number of [...]

A menacing uncertainty for Lithuania, whose internal election results could not be changed by any - the Lithuania Tribune

The campaign for the Lithuanian presidential election is slowly gaining momentum, although there are only two publicly announced contenders for the post of Head of State. And they are far from being the first. The [...]

Bad news from the Bank of Lithuania: here's what they are forecasting - the Lithuania Tribune

Several months have passed since the Bank of Lithuania’s last forecasts. The latest one, presented by the steward of the financial markets, shows both promising and not-so-good developments. The Bank of Lithuania projections that this [...]

Should Lithuania intervene in the conflict between Poland and Ukraine? - the Lithuania Tribune

“Everyone needs to manage their emotions,” said former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador-at-Large for Special Assignments Linas Linkevičius, in response to the recent conflict between Ukraine and Poland, when the latter announced that it [...]

Former US Ambassador Tefft: the war situation has further alienated the Russian government from the population - the Lithuania Tribune

Former Ambassador John F. Tefft, visiting from the United States for Leonid Donsky’s 6th conference “Will Russia Survive 2024?”, says that Russia’s fate is difficult to predict and depends on the outcome of the war. [...]

Investment in military-use technologies: trap or opportunity? - the Lithuania Tribune

Against the background of the war in Ukraine, the national defence industry is becoming more relevant, and the possibilities of producing both dual-use and military-use-only equipment or providing military-related services in Lithuania are being discussed. [...]

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