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Russian on Russians ban: you've no idea what's going on Russians' minds

A Russian living in Lithuania: you have no idea what's going on in their social networks now. A ban on Russian tourists crossing external EU

The Bull Case for Bitcoin Right Now - the Lithuania Tribune

Over the past several months, crypto has been experiencing some hard times. Traders have been torn between whether or not this is a mid-cycle correction or a bear market, and there’s no telling yet who’s [...]

A salary is no longer enough: people are looking for extra jobs -

One salary is no longer enough: people are looking for extra jobs and adding several hundred euros to their salaries

Best Business Ideas to Start in Lithuania -

Best Business Ideas to Start in Lithuania. Are you thinking of starting a business in Lithuania? If yes, you've chosen right.

War: will the geopolitical crisis make the European Union stronger? -

In global affairs, we are getting used to crises: if not a pandemic, then inflation, an energy crisis, refugees, or even war

Sekmokas: while Russia is stuck in Ukraine, we need to make one step

Former Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas, speaking about the current energy dilemma in Lithuania, says that there are many problems.

What's happening on the digital front in Ukraine's war with Russia? Russian-speaking Balts joining the fight - the Lithuania Tribune

As Ukrainian fighters report daily on important victories on the frontline, battles are also being fought outside the country – and the digital battle for the truth also involves the Baltic States. Since the start [...]

Professional interpreting services – the key to a successful multilingual event - the Lithuania Tribune

“Hello. Is this METROPOLIO VERTIMAI? We need help with interpretation. Do you provide this service and how much does it cost?” asks a client. We get several enquiries like this every day, and we are [...]

Crypto Arbitrage: What You Need To Know In 2022

The rise of crypto has been swift and impressive – changing the face of investments and impacting the way in which we think about traditional fiat transactions. As there are hundreds of exchanges out there [...]

Solution to Kaliningrad transit: Lithuania must try to lift burden asap

When the European Commission presented guidelines allowing limited rail transit of sanctioned goods between Russia and the Kaliningrad region

Significance of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions in promoting interreligious dialogue - the Lithuania Tribune

Over centuries, the people of Kazakhstan have accumulated the priceless qualities of tolerance, harmony, and mutual respect, enriched by the spiritual legacy of various nations and beliefs, Dianna Yessenova, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of [...]

Economists warn of rising wages and unemployment

Despite rising unemployment, wage growth in Lithuania remains in double digits. According to Sodra, in the second quarter of this year.

Quick Tips On How To Make Yourself Feel Young Again

Quick Tips On How To Make Yourself Feel Young Again. Life can get pretty tiring, and it’s easy to lose steam and fall into a rut.

1000 Belgian military trucks for Ukraine - the Lithuania Tribune

It makes for quite a list. 15 March: Mateusz Morawiecki and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Polish prime minister and deputy prime minister; Petr Fiala and Janez Jansa, Czech and Slovenian prime ministers. 1 April: Ingrida Šimonytė, prime [...]

September 2022 - the Lithuania Tribune

A diplomat who sees no soul in Putin: he is a very vulnerable man - the Lithuania Tribune

“I was interviewed by journalists a couple of months ago, and they counted that of the politicians alive and active now. I have seen Putin the most times. I didn’t know that myself. But, I [...]

Actual list of online bookmakers UK 2022 -

Let's find out where to find reliable bookmakers in the UK and bet without risk. The start of the season in professional sports is also

Russian tourists should answer the question "Whose Crimea"

A new plan to convince Europeans: Russian tourists at the borders of five countries should answer the question "Whose Crimea"

How Stable Are Cryptocurrencies? - the Lithuania Tribune

There are very few certainties in life. One of them is being able to gauge what the value of a cryptocurrency could be in six months, a year, or ten years. This might prove annoying [...]

Nausėda on the ban on tourist visas for Russians - the Lithuania Tribune

G. Nausėda on the ban on tourist visas for Russians: the Russian people are a bit foolish, and it is not only Putin who has to feel the war

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