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The country has never seen such inconsistency before -

The country has never seen such inconsistency before: reacting to reports of a name change for Taiwan. Experts doubt if it would improve

China is destroying its own international commitment to "one country, two systems" - the Lithuania Tribune

MEP Andrius Kubilius, discussing in the plenary session of the European Parliament the debate on China’s actions in destroying Hong Kong’s democracy, stressed that China is destroying its own international “one country, two systems” commitments. [...]

Kauno Baldai sales grew by one third - the Lithuania Tribune

Despite challenges in the raw materials and labour markets, the SBA Group’s soft furniture manufacturer Kauno Baldai sold 34% more products in 2021 compared to 2020. With the company exporting most of its production, its [...]

Why You Should Consider Studying in Latvia - the Lithuania Tribune

It’s not a secret that education plays a vital role in every field of people’s lives. Have you ever thought about how many new horizons are opened for you when you enter the world of [...]

Swisscom to settle in “Capitalica’s” business centre VERDE in Riga -

Switzerland’s Swisscom to settle in “Capitalica’s” business centre VERDE in Riga. Swisscom will move into Verde owned by Capitalica Baltic

How the war in Ukraine would affect Lithuanians? - the Lithuania Tribune

The war in Ukraine would affect Lithuanians: some workers would be hit hard, prices would soar.Experts say that the Lithuanian economy would

10 points for an answer to Putin threats - the Lithuania Tribune

As V. Putin continues with his threats, blackmail or trolling of Ukraine and the West, there is an urgent need for a more comprehensive understanding of reasons for such behavior of the Kremlin, as well [...]

How Transport Startups Succeed - the Lithuania Tribune

When most people hear the term transport company, they envision large fleets of trucks crisscrossing vast swaths of territory as they deliver huge shipments of goods to hundreds of retail and wholesale customers. In reality, [...]

A new reality - investing in the metaverse - the Lithuania Tribune

Investment experts have noted that the rapidly growing popularity of the metaverse and the significant increase in the number of unit tokens may soon become a new form of investment. In addition, virtual galleries and [...]

The 4 biggest benefits of an international baccalaureate education program - the Lithuania Tribune

We all want our children to have the very best education available. As of recent, there has been a major increase of interest, aimed at IB or International Baccalaureate programs for studying. “Erudito” International School [...]

When choosing a financial partner, the focus is on customer service and speed -

When choosing a financial partner, people look for greater customer focus flexibility and speedy and efficient service. These are the results

Andrikienė: we made a mistake with China long before -

biggest mistake in Lithuania-China relations was made long before the opening of the Taiwanese representative office in Vilnius, when Lithua

Digital economy: challenges for business, European leaders, and an opportunity engine - the Lithuania Tribune

The actors, both business and public administrations, in the economy nowadays, are increasingly building on the technologies of the digital world, which is rapidly moving most of our lives into the digital space. There are [...]

Jolanta Grašienė joins the SBA Group Board - the Lithuania Tribune

Jolanta Grašienė, Vice President of SBA, has been confirmed as a new member of the SBA Group Management Board, heading the Group’s finance, IT, organisation development and project management functions. In order to increase the [...]

More than 40 MEPs call on EU leaders to take joint action on China's economic and political coercion against Lithuania - the Lithuania Tribune

On Tuesday, more than 40 MEPs from various groups addressed the leaders of the European Union – EC President Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Council Charles Michel, High Representative for Foreign and [...]

What You Need to Consider if You Are Moving Your Business from Lithuania to the UK - the Lithuania Tribune

The UK is a great place to move your business to as is reflected in the number of different start-ups and small businesses that currently reside there. If you are on the lookout for a [...]

Analysis of Bankera customers' holiday spending: flew less, spent more in shops - the Lithuania Tribune

The ongoing pandemic around the world has continued to adjust consumer spending, and the festive season is no exception, which has forced consumers to open their wallets wider this year not only because of the [...]

Patriots who defended freedom on January 13: people would unite today - maybe even more - the Lithuania Tribune

“I used to think that I might never come back, so every time I left home, I would say goodbye – you don’t know when it will be the last time,” recalls 81-year-old Kazys Algirdas [...]

Eika Asset Management fund starts construction of Tamro logistics centre -

Kaunas Municipality granted a permit to build UAB Tamro, a wholesale distribution company of pharmaceuticals and the manager of BENU pharma

3 ways that 2022 is going to change how you think about money -

One of the most transformative trends in fintech, embedded finance found the spotlight in 2021. But what is in store for 2022

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