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President's advisor's words stuck with expert: this is a unique threat to Lithuania - the Lithuania Tribune

The “Suvalkų koridorius” (“Suwałki Corridor”) and the goods and transport corridor are one of the most significant threats to Lithuania’s security and a unique threat to Lithuania, Lithuanian diplomat, signatory Albinas Januška wrote on Facebook. [...]

For their freedom and for ours - the Lithuania Tribune

The appeal by 140 leading European figures we publish today on The Lithuania Tribune seems particularly timely. It calls on the European Council to approve opening accession negotiations with Ukraine before the end of June. [...]

Ganges Valley. Geopolitical journeys of a Lithuanian -

India's paradoxes begin with a glance at a map. The country's historical name is linked to the Indus River, which is, after all, the most

Prof Lindley-French: We have to engage Russians on currency of power -

Dr Julian Lindley-French interview provided valuable insights into some of the key challenges facing Europe's security today and potential

A view from Iceland: the fight to defend and preserve freedom - the Lithuania Tribune

“Lithuania celebrates independence and freedom on 11 March – State Restoration Day. As Ukraine now fights for the values of democracy and freedom, it is a fitting date to publish this article about my experience [...]

Intelligence is worried: there will be no more silence around Lithuania -

Although Russia has failed to defeat Ukraine quickly, this totalitarian and Soviet-like state is capable of continuing the war in Ukraine for at least 2 more years while at the same time determined to build [...]

Exhibition "X: Free Space" exhibits the results of a creative adventure - works created by duos of artists from wholly different fields - the Lithuania Tribune

art exhibition, artistic duos, Albinas Vološkevičius, Stasys Eidrigevičius, contemporary art, Panevėžys art, Project X, free space, art gallery.

Calls on employers to increase wages and look for workers in Lithuania, not abroad -

Labour market experts urge employers to raise salaries and look for employees in Lithuanian regions rather than abroad.

Lithuania is preparing for a significant military buildup: talking of a division -

According to the politicians, the aim is to increase size of the Lithuanian army, and there is talk of division. Currently, the Armed Forces

The diplomatic support of Italy to the independence of Lithuania since 1919: exhibition of historical documents in Kaunas - the Lithuania Tribune

The Italian Embassy in Vilnius organizes in Kaunas an exhibition of historical documents that show the Italian support for the independence of Lithuania since 1919. At the Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library-Museum (S. Daukanto g. 25), [...]

Swedish DefMin: Sweden eager to join NATO at upcoming Vilnius Summit -

Swedish DefMin Jonson, discusses Sweden readiness to join NATO and the country's strategic importance in regional security and cooperation.

Army Chief Rupšys warns of Russian retaliation for losing the war: 'We must prepare for it' - the Lithuania Tribune

Speaking about the past year of the war in Ukraine, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys, Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, admitted that it had been full of tension and anxiety. Still, at the same time, [...]

Kasčiūnas: Let's sleep calmly, but be ready -

''Let's sleep calmly, but be ready'': explaining the threat behind Nausėda's advisor's words

Tiesiai į veiksmą: populiariausių šių dienų kazino žaidimų vadovas - the Lithuania Tribune

Visame pasaulyje, kazino yra populiari pasilinksminimo forma. Nenuostabu, kad tokiose vietose kaip Monakas, Makao ir Las Vegasas visada gausu lankytojų. Be to, dėl technologijų pažangos, šiais laikais žaidėjams net nereikia išeiti iš namų, kad galėtų [...]

One year of the war, one year of words - the Lithuania Tribune

One year of the war. Or, more precisely: one year since Russia unilaterally attacked Ukraine. One year of violence, crimes against humanity, and indiscriminate destruction of military and civilian targets, but also one year of [...]

Bosphorus: geopolitical journeys of a Lithuanian - the Lithuania Tribune

The once mighty Ottoman Empire “gave away” a lot of territory and population when it withdrew from its dominions. But the last soldier had to defend the waterway, formally considered the border between Europe and [...]

Kazakhstan’s Parliamentary Election: Hope For Real Change -

Kazakhstan is preparing for an important political event – a parliamentary election planned for March 19. This date is already significant to the Kazakh people because it was on March 19, 2019, when Kazakhstan’s first [...]

4 factors will affect the Lithuanian economy in 2023 -

The Lithuanian economy moved away from a sustainable growth path last year, and the population ran out of money.

Политикам И Общественности Запада - the Lithuania Tribune

Дорогие друзья! Мы обращаемся к вам именно как к друзьям потому, что все, подписавшие этот текст являются сторонниками европейского пути России, противниками политики Путина и с самого начала решительно выступали против развязанной им войны с [...]

To Politicians and the Public in the West - the Lithuania Tribune

Dear Friends. We address you as friends because everyone who has signed this missive supports the European path for Russia, opposes President Vladimir Putin’s politics, and has decisively spoken out since the very beginning against [...]

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