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The coronavirus will bring the European Union countries down to earth - the Lithuania Tribune

Perhaps the coronavirus vaccine could, as per predictions, be created before the end of this year. There’s little information on Lithuanian news media on how scientists are faring, how research institutes are financed, how research [...]

Užupis Republic celebrates its Independence day on April Fool’s -

The bohemian Užupis district in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is marking the 22nd anniversary of its self-proclaimed republic on April Fool’s Day

How are the Baltic Sea countries handling coronavirus - the Lithuania Tribune

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has impact the globe, with the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea sadly no exception. Here is some greater insight into which countries have been affected and how their respective [...]

With COVID-19 shaking up markets, farmers are advised to sell part of their harvest at higher prices

Seeking to ensure sufficient financial flows for Lithuania’s farmers , we have proposed them an opportunity to increase the price of 40-50%.

Strong start for the grain sector this year, COVID-19 becomes a variable -

For Lithuania, which essentially grows grain for export and only consumes a small portion of it domestically, 2020 began favourably, but COVID-19 came.

Iconic sites in Vilnius illuminated in show of solidarity with Italy -

The Hill of Three Crosses monument, the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral in Vilnius were all lit up in green, white and red to express support to Italy

Photographer in Vilnius paints a different portrait of a city in quarantine -

While most of the photos portraying today‘s COVID-19 world show empty streets and almost no one on the horizon Vilnius photographer Adas looked for people.

Rasa Juknevičienė: COVID-19 lessons learned - the Lithuania Tribune

COVID-19 has only just begun. Everything is still ahead, including new viruses. Thus, truly learning the lessons that have already been experienced is vital

The French President' Munich 1938 - the Lithuania Tribune

Will Macron initiatives will lead concessions for Russia, which consistently divides European countries and seeks to undermine Euro-Atlantic links?

How to avoid fake news about Coronavirus - the Lithuania Tribune

At the moment, in addition to official information about coronavirus, the situation in Lithuania and in the world, fake news is spreading.

Kojala about forgotten attention for Ukraine’s situation -

Lithuanian representatives returned from the annual Munich Security Conference in a poor mood. They are specially concern about Ukraine.

It is worth knowing better the country we view as threatening -

Lithuanian news media was left surprised with V. Putin’s ratings in a sociological survey being almost equal to D. Trump’s.

Support local news media by purchasing adverts for your business - the Lithuania Tribune

The coronavirus has brought in a great deal of uncertainty into most aspects of everyday life and particularly in specific business segments. The ones to suffer most are businesses, which are closely related to interactions [...]

Diagnosing the American response to COVID-19 - the Lithuania Tribune

It's necessary to look for ill-health indicators of USA political and civic institutions as we muddle through various collective and individual responses to COVID-19.

Stay connected and choose reliable information sources on COVID-19 -

People must listen to the instructions about the dangers of COVID-19 of medical staff and of recommendations from psychologists and educators.

COVID-19 lessons from Italy for Lithuania - the Lithuaina Tribune

Professor Giuseppe Ippolito, Scientific Director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases, on COVID-19 lessons from Italy.

A metropolis suspended in time. Paris a week in full lockdown. Photos -

Now Paris is suspended in time with dark shades of war stories belonging to another era—a ghost town with many empty streets and deserted buses.

Coronavirus pushes education out of classrooms - the Lithuania Tribune

It is almost 10 am, and we are about to start. As the lights turn on, Rūta and Rūta jump to the stage for their first-ever live-stream broadcast

Paluckas admits having received requests from “Farmers” -

Social Democrat leader Paluckas admitted that he received a number of requests from various “Farmers” to join them prior to the coming Seimas elections.

Lithuania could avoid Italian COVID-19 scenario if it will do following

It is likely that if the following measures are employed, in the first days of April, the number of infected with COVID-19 in Lithuania will not exLceed 500

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