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We don’t want it, but Belarussian electricity will reach the Baltic States -

Energy industry specialists wonder whether it will be possible to ensure that Astravyets electricity won’t enter the Baltic States

Firmly Uphold the UN-centered International System - the Lithuania Tribune

Corporate client article The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Looking back on history and forward to the future, world leaders gathered virtually to share thoughts and opinions [...]

Lithuanian Parliament adopts a resolution urging Germany to stop NordStream2 - the Lithuania Tribune

On the 24th of September, the Lithuanian Parliament, having regard to the European Parliament’s resolution on the situation in Russia, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, and continuing discussions on the future of “Nord Stream 2” [...]

Mačiulis: Lithuania has been able to avoid shock and so the economy will contract the least - the Lithuania Tribune

The coronavirus crisis has struck a major blow to the global economy. However, Lithuania’s economy was almost able to avoid economic shock, with the country posting among the smallest declines in its economy among all [...]

When will a “Belarusian” democratic revolution take place in Russia? -

After the Belarusian revolution it became clear that revolutionary changes in the post-Soviet authoritarian space can be born very suddenly.

Top Five Unusual Places To Visit In Vilnius - the Lithuania Tribune

The capital of the beautiful country in eastern Europe with a ton of places to see charms many visitors from the very first moment. The quiet areas by the river, baroque architecture, different churches and [...]

Have Baltic economies joined the Northern European League -

We forecast that Baltic economies will continue its robust “V-shaped” recovery with Lithuania and Estonia generating positive growth in 2020.

The Façade Democracy in Lithuania: Elections Exclusive to those already in Parliament - the Lithuania Tribune

Lithuanian politicians have been devotedly active in their fight for democracy in neighboring countries, and yet are more than willing to come to terms with the façade democracy they themselves have created in Lithuania. The [...]

What Happens to Belarus after Lukashenka Falls? -

Moscow’s imperialism towards Slavic “brother nations” can mean that Belarus’s future may be more similar to Ukraine’s than Armenia's present

Vilnius: Inside cinematic city where Netflix's Young Wallander was filmed -

Young Wallander, a new Netflix original series based on Henning Mankell’s best-selling novels, came to life in, among other locations, Vilnius

Why is there going to be a future increase in Lithuanians returning home? -

The number of people has been increasing, for three months. Why is there going to be a future increase in Lithuanians returning from abroad?

Lithuanian journalists urge all democratic countries to unite and defend Belarussian journalists - the Lithuania Tribune

Today the Union of Lithuania’s Journalists’ (LŽS) Journalist Rights Defence and Monitoring Committee officially appealed to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a proposal to take active action to defend journalists in neighbouring Belarus [...]

Finish ForMin Haavisto: we are closely watching events in Belarus -

We talked with Finish Foreign Minister Haavisto, about the Finish views on current Belarus event and its future, Astravets nuclear station.

Where to Post Business Reviews? - the Lithuania Tribune

The online world has made the question of where to post business reviews a lot more complicated. There used to only be one or two places where you could post reviews. Things are very different [...]

Best 4th Anniversary Gifts for Her - the Lithuania Tribune

If you have been dating for such a long time, you are probably familiar with your girlfriend’s tastes. And choosing a gift for her will not be a problem for you. All girls like surprises [...]

Tsikhanouskaya in Vilnius: a victory for Lithuanian diplomacy or a mistake -

Tsikhanouskaya is in Vilnius. But is her decision to travel to Lithuania actually a victory of our country’s foreign policy and diplomacy

Why Lithuanian GDP fell less in Q2 than most European countries? -

Why the Lithuanian GDP fell less in the Q2 than most EU countries? Prompt adaptation by businesses, correct decisions by the govt on COVID-19

Professor Usonis: all of Lithuania is, unfortunately, a COVID-19 hotspot -

Evaluating the current COVID-19 in Lithuania, Prof Usonis did not conceal that every single infected individual is a risk.

Turing College receiving EUR 1.2 m initial investment -

After receiving EUR 1.2 m initial investment Turing College launches in Lithuania: an alternative approach to technology education

How to wear cherry earrings - the Lithuania Tribune

Earrings are small but essential for accentuating beauty. Earrings can be found in different styles. These include hooks, drops, and studs. Common earrings among both genders are studs. Hooks and drops, however, are mainly known [...]

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