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Advance voting in Lithuania: people reveal, who they voted for

Advance voting began in the country’s municipalities for the second round of presidential elections and the European Parliament elections.

US ambassador pressed Lithuanian government on Huawei, news agency reports

The US ambassador pressed the Lithuanian government not to allow China's technology giant Huawei to participate in the development of the country's 5G network, Reuters reported on Friday.

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Vilnius ranks second to Riga among Baltic airports by traffic

Lithuania's largest international airport in Vilnius ranked second only to Riga among all Baltic airports in terms of 2018 passenger, flight and cargo statistics.

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Lithuania calls on IAEA to take action over Belarus' nuclear plant safety

Lithuania has called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to take action to ensure that Belarus does not launch its Astravyets nuclear power plant, located close to Vilnius, until all of its safety issues have been solved, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

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Uncertain future for Lithuania’s 24,000 school graduates

As the last bell rings for Lithuania’s 24,000 high school graduates, many of them will depart for studies abroad. Some students say they’re leaving for better education, others say they can’t find the right study programme in Lithuania. Meanwhile, Lithuanian government is planning to finance studies abroad – with conditions attached, however.

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3 Latvian companies to buy gas from Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas

On Belarus and its sovereignty

Lithuanian documentary film triumphed in Chicago

4 out of 5 returning emigrants admit: they are driven home by the longing for their homeland and close relatives

Launch of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation – invitation to build Lithuania, together

Champion swimmer Meilutytė speaks of depression and desire to remake her life after ending career

The Lithuanian champion swimmer Rūta Meilutytė spoke about her struggles with depression and a wish to remake her life in the first interview after ending her swimming career.

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Belarus' nuclear plant timeline – from Rosatom, to construction accidents 50 kilometers from Vilnius

Belarus is building a nuclear plant in Astravyets, 50 kilometers from Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Despite suffering numerous construction accidents, the plant is due to become operational in autumn 2019. Where did it all begin?

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Number of job vacancies down in country

The number of registered job vacancies for salaried employees in Lithuania stood at 19,100 in the first quarter of this year, down by 1,000 vacancies from late March last year, the country's statistical service, Statistics Lithuania, said on Friday.

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Wang Yi: U.S. pressure on Huawei is 'economic bullying' - the Lithuania Tribune

The U.S. pressure on Chinese private enterprises like Huawei is “typical economic bullying behavior,” said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on told CGTN on May 22. Wang made the remarks at the [...]

Young people in Lithuania join climate change protests but lag behind Western Europe

Young people in Vilnius and Klaipėda plan to join an international protest against clime change on Friday. However, the movement has attracted considerably less attention in Lithuania than in Western Europe.

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Bank of Lithuania

  • V. Vasiliauskas: Central bank transparency bolsters market and public confidence

    May 23rd

    Open communication with market participants and the general public enhances the transmission of central bank policies and boosts their credibility, says Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, who is currently on an...

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  • €140,000 fine imposed on UAB INVL Asset Management

    May 23rd

    By resolution of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, UAB INVL Asset Management was imposed a €140,000 fine for two legislative breaches identified during its inspection.

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  • Regulations on mystery shopping exercises

    May 23rd

    The Board of the Bank of Lithuania approved the regulations for the assessment of financial market participants through mystery shopping exercises. The exercise might be aimed at assessing financial services or products, including insurance and...

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  • €200,000 fine for insider dealing

    May 21st

    The Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania has concluded that Linas Strėlis, member of the board of AB Vilkyškių pieninė and AUGA group, AB, has used inside information to enter into transactions on the acquisition and sale of shares of AB...

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  • €25 thousand fine for trading during a closed period

    May 21st

    The Bank of Lithuania concluded that Julius Kvaraciejus, chairman of the board of AB Pieno žvaigždės, who had indirectly conducted a transaction in the said company’s shares during a closed period, breached the provisions of the EU Market Abuse...

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