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Public to get access to Baltic organization BATUN's archives

The archives of the Baltic Appeal to the United Nations (BATUN), a Baltic emigrant organization, will be made available to the public after they are handed over to Latvia's national archives, Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday.

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Week in Lithuania: MP Gražulis in hot water, heat-related water supply disruptions in Kaunas

Last week, Lithuania marked the Day of Mourning and Hope, outgoing president Dalia Grybauskaite delivered her last annual address, president-elect Gitanas Nausėda spoke out against taxing owners of old polluting car, but MP Petras Gražulis suspected of bribery.

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Transport Minister: Lithuania ready to test driverless cars

Lithuania is putting a lot of effort and is ready to test driverless cars, the country's Transport Minister says.

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How Russian oligarchs’ think tanks are winning hearts and minds in Europe and US – interview

Russia has successfully weaponized information and is using think tanks to push its narrative in Western societies, researcher Kateryna Smagliy says.

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More people come to country than leave for 4th month in a row

Lithuania registered a positive migration balance for the fourth successive month in May as more people came into the country than left, with economists pointing to rising wages and facilitated immigration processes as determining factors.

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Lithuania by canoe – stunning sunsets and worrying signs of pollution

Linas Bertašius and Martyna Skukauskaitė are not professionals canoers, but decided to take the plunge nevertheless. “It was an eye-opening journey,” said Bertašius after a canoeing trip across the entire country. Not all the things they saw, however, were pretty.

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Chinese conclusions on beef exports due in late summer

Lithuania expects the conclusions of a recent week-long audit by Chinese experts into beef exports from the Baltic country in late summer.

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President-elect Nauseda to NATO chief: Lithuania needs more air defense capabilities

Lithuania needs more air defense capabilities, Lithuania's President-elect Gitanas Nauseda told NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Friday.

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GET Baltic to expand to Finland next year

The regional gas exchange GET Baltic, operating in the Baltic states, will launch a new market area in Finland as of 2020, it said.

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Kazakhstan ratifies Transfer of Sentenced Persons Treaty with Lithuania

… Kazakhstan and the Republic of Lithuania", Kazinform cites the press …

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Lithuania registers positive migration balance for 4th month in a row

… the statistics office, Statistics Lithuania, show 4,472 people … the recent changes in Lithuania';s immigration policy … 18,893 people immigrated to Lithuania and 15,995 people emigrated. … that are ahead of Lithuania."   Lithuania lost nearly 3,300 people …

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Lithuanian Railways removes Skinest Baltija, Askita from its tenders

… -run railway company Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways, LG) has removed Skinest … different documents. According to the Lithuanian Center of Registers, Askita was … to national security". The Lithuanian government later decided not to …

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Two Rail Baltica contracts signed in Vilnius

… to the Lithuanian-Latvian border has been signed in Vilnius on Fridau … company. The section in Lithuania is planned to be 91 … contracts for the sections Ramygala-Lithuanian/;Latvian border and Tallinn … won by IDOM in Lithuania. The company will also design …

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Lithuanians running out of šaltibarščiai as heatwave continues

Šaltibarščiai – cold beetroot soup, also known as cold borscht or simply ‘the pink soup’ – is a staple of Lithuanian cuisine and particularly popular on hot summer days. As heatwave continues for a second week, retailers are running out of the main ingredients.

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Nausėda asks NATO secretary general for more air defence in Lithuania

Lithuania's President-elect Gitanas Nausėda has asked NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg for more air defense capabilities for Lithuania.

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