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ECB announces package of temporary collateral easing measures

ECB adopts an unprecedented set of collateral measures to mitigate the tightening of financial conditions across the euro area Temporary increase in the Eurosystem’s risk tolerance in order to support credit to the economy ECB eases the...

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Lithuanian-made electric buses to enter service in Klaipėda

Two electric buses developed by Lithuania’s Vėjo Projektai are due to enter service in Klaipėda, the country’s third largest city, after the Easter weekend.

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Residents ordered to wear facemasks in public

It will be mandatory to wear facemasks in public in Lithuania as of Friday, the country's government decided on Wednesday.

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Lithuania calls on EU to reconsider Mobility Package

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius called on the EU not to adopt the controversial Mobility Package during the coronavirus crisis.

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Quarantine does not stop work: Labūnava agricultural company launches smart milking robots, the first of their kind in the Baltic States

AB Linas Agro Group’s Kėdainiai region-based Labūnava agricultural company has completed renewal work at a cow milking farm and installed two BouMatic Robotics milking robots. The five-month-long project valued at 345 thousand euro will be completed during the quarantine. Obtained through purchase lease, modern robots can milk 100-120 cows.

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Ensuring food security for Lithuanian consumers – in the hands of the European Parliament

The coronavirus pandemic revealed the utmost importance of food supplies in the European Union, as well as on the global scope. The European Parliament is planning to amend the Transitional regulation, which could stop the rapid vanishing of the agricultural sector in Lithuania, Member of the European Parliament Bronis' Ropė press office reported.

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It’s time to empower and connect (purposefully)

As Yuval Noah Harari underlined few weeks ago – circumstances the virus has created will ask us a tough decision – are we moving towards collaboration and empowerment of people and communities or isolation and distrust. It would seem the question is relevant at macro level only. Yet it couldn't be further from the truth. Each organization is it’s own micro-cosm and connects to other organizations creating a network which defines the well-being of us all.

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Lithuania’s BC chief: «Latvia’s COVID-19 support for business has been swifter»

It is official: Lithuania is extending lockdown until April 27 to combat the coronavirus pandemic which death toll in the country stood at 15 as of Wednesday noon. As many as 912 persons were diagnosed with COVID-19 by then.

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Lithuania bans intercity travel over Easter weekend

The Lithuania government on Wednesday announced a ban on intercity travel over the Easter weekend.

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Lithuanian government extends quarantine, makes facemasks mandatory

The Lithuanian government decided on Wednesday to extend the existing quarantine for another two weeks, tightening some restrictions while relaxing others.

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Eastnine supports healthcare staff and restaurants

Eastnine AB (publ) will support healthcare staff at Centre of Infectious Diseases and National Cancer Institute of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos by contributing with 230 meals per day. The meals will be prepared and delivered by three restaurants who are also tenants in Eastnine's properties.

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Government decided: two more weeks of quarantine

The Lithuanian government on Wednesday extended the existing quarantine for another two weeks but relaxed some conditions.

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Lithuania on path to allow price regulation in government

In Lithuania, the majority of legislators in the Seimas, have backed draft amendments that set forth allowing the government to regulate the prices of essential goods during this time of quarantine, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.

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Possible fraud schemes during the COVID-19 crisis

The state of emergency is the perfect time for fraudsters to make use of these particular circumstances, when many organisations are transitioning to remote working and employees are gaining new skills: searching for new information and using new technological tools. Those who have lost stable incomes are more vulnerable and are looking for chances to earn.

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Lithuanians stranded abroad urged to stay put

Some 180 Lithuanian nationals are stranded abroad and unable to return home, Giedrius Surplys, a government spokesman, said on Wednesday, urging them to return only after the quarantine is lifted.

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  • Vilnius-based photographer shortlisted in ZEISS Photography Award

    April 6th

    Launched in 2016 by the World Photography Organisation and ZEISS, the ZEISS Photography Award rewards the world’s most distinctive image-makers creating outstanding series showing their individual way of seeing the world. Photographers are challenged every year to submit bodies of work responding to a particular theme. The year’s theme, Seeing Beyond: Discoveries encouraged photographers to explore discoveries that transform our everyday lives.

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  • New teaching phenomenon – remote learning

    April 6th

    As of Monday 30th March, all schools in Lithuania will be teaching and learning remotely, if they have not already started this process. As well as most of the rest of the globe. So aside from the basic strain, this will put on systems and various platforms and the internet In general, what else should we expect? How effective is remote learning? How can we improve it?

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  • New buzz word in education around the world

    March 22nd

    GRIT is something that needs to be understood by both parents and students and should be conveyed by teachers.

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  • 5 businessmen and companies get patron names from Vilnius municipality

    March 12th

    The Council of Vilnius for the first time officially gave patron names to five businessmen and companies. Moreover, a project named „Vilniaus universiteto fondas“ (Fund of Vilnius University) was announced as a patron project.

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  • Separated by distance, united in celebrations: story of Lithuania and India

    March 10th

    This week, two big celebrations will take place: India is celebrating Holi (also known as Festival of Colour) on 9 and 10 March and on the 11th – Lithuania will celebrate the 30 years of the Re-Establishment of the State. What is common between the most populous democracy, the 7th largest country in the world with a population of 1,35 billion people and the small Baltic state? Not only Sanskrit unites us, argues Dr Runa Chakraborty Paunksnis, Head of India Cooperation Development (known as India Centre) at KTU, but also our way of celebrating our festivals.

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