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Matas Baltrukevičius. Will the party founder save the Labour Party?

There have been and remain many powers in the Lithuanian political arena, whose names primarily evoke the image of a single specific person even if they might no longer be a member of the party. These are Order and Justice and Rolandas Paksas, the Path of Courage and Neringa Venckienė and the Lithuanian Freedom Union and Artūras Zuokas.

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Producer of dairy mixes Litamilk invests in expansion to Asia and Africa

Citadele bank granted a €1.2 million loan to Litamilk, a producer of innovative value-added dairy mixes. The loan will be invested in vigorous expansion to the Asian and African markets. The company intends to develop the network of partners and introduce its products to the Nigerian, Moroccan and Saudi Arabian markets.

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Lithuania's defence ministry investigates Chinese cameras after LRT report

Chinese Hikvision and Dahua surveillance cameras used by Lithuanian institutions and leaders are vulnerable to interception and some are connected to servers in Russia, the National Cyber Security Centre (NKSC) said on Wednesday.

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Consumer’s return to usual habits: thousands of clients making sizeable purchases at Eurovaistinė over four days

With lockdown conditions being loosened, last week, restrictions implemented for the period were lifted by the Ministry of Healthcare for non-prescription medicines and protective equipment purchases. Specialists from the country’s largest pharmacy network Eurovaistinė say they observed how customers’ habits are changing. Within the four days of lifted regulations, 6,700 customers purchased more than one non-prescription medicine package.

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Lithuania to renew flights to more German cities and Netherlands

On 27 May Lithuanian government has allowed renewing more flights to Germany and the Netherlands.

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Lithuania could get €6.3bn from EC's coronavirus recovery fund – EU commissioner

Lithuania could claim 6.3 billion euros from the 750-billion fund proposed by the European Commission to help post-coronavirus recovery, according to an EU commissioner.

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Special Investigation Service names biggest threat in country

Systemic corruption is the most dangerous and its initiators pose the biggest threat as experience shows they are often former officers, Zydrunas Bartkus the director of Lithuania's Special Investigation Service (SIS) says.

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Lithuania to gradually open up to European travelers

Lithuania's government has agreed on a plan to gradually open the country's borders to people from European countries with low coronavirus infection rates.

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Lockdown extended until June 16

Lithuania’s government on Wednesday extended the coronavirus lockdown until June 16.

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Bank: Lithuanian billion-rescue-plan may be slowed down by red tape

As the Lithuanian government plans to invest 6.3 billion euros in the economy and human resources in 18 months, Swedbank has pointed to excessive red tape as weakness that could slow down the investments, LRT reports.

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Lithuania extends quarantine, allows mass events and outdoor sports

The Lithuanian government has greenlit further easing of quarantine restrictions, allowing mass events and longer opening hours for bars and restaurants. The nationwide quarantine, however, will be extended until mid-June.

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Quarantine affects almost half of Lithuanians, one in ten cannot cover food costs

Low-income families in Lithuania have been most affected by the ongoing quarantine. According to an April survey, they lack money to cover basic living costs.

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People in Lithuania can get tested for Covid-19 in private labs

The Lithuanian government has authorised five private labs to perform paid Covid-19 tests since May 6, according to the country’s Health Ministry.

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Lithuania’s post-corona 'spending spree’ hindered by red tape – Swedbank

Swedbank, a Swedish bank operating in the Baltic states, said in its May 25 report that Lithuania was well-placed for the economy to rebound quickly. However, excessive red tape hinders distribution of state aid.

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Coronavirus update: Lithuania reports 66th death, 8 new cases

Lithuania has confirmed eight new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of infections to 1,647, the Health Ministry announced on Wednesday.

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