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'Sometimes we went too far'. One year of Covid-19 in Lithuania

At 03:00 on February 28, 2020, the health minister at the time rose to the podium to announce the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Lithuania. Although press conferences are unusual at such an early hour, Aurelijus Veryga could not wait until the morning.

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Number of bribe-givers down, many believe bribes solve problems

The number of people who have given a bribe over the past year has gone down in Lithuania, but there's a growing number of people who believe bribes help to solve problems, a survey initiated by the country's Special Investigations Service, shows.

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DNA bank of partisans' relatives planned in Lithuania

Several institutions in Lithuania are considering establishing a bank of DNA samples of post-war partisans' relatives to be able to identify partisans' remains once they are found as under Moscow's 1946 order, they were all buried secretly.

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State-level school graduation exams to begin on June 7

State-level school graduation exams in Lithuania will begin on June 7 this year, Education, Science and Sports Minister Jurgita Siugzdiniene says.

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Involved in a Vehicle Accident and Suffered Injuries? Here's What You Should Do -

More than 2.5 million people get injured in car accidents every year. While some of these injuries are mild or minor, the majority of the injuries are severe, permanent, or fatal. The more serious the [...]

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Culture Nerve Podcast. Dealing with traumatic heritage in Italy and Lithuania

LRT has launched a bi-weekly English-language podcast, Culture Nerve. In this installment, we speak about traumatic heritage and what the fascist and Soviet regimes have left behind in their respective countries with Italian professor and political scientist Roberto Farneti and Lithuanian historian Irena Vaišvilaitė.

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Will Belarus lose its Soviet-era name tag in Lithuania?

Lithuania is not the only country in the world that has adopted ‘White Russia’ as the official name for Belarus. What legacy does the name carry, and what would changing the name mean for Belarusians?

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OECD: Lithuania needs to boost municipal borrowing capacity

Lithuania needs to increase the borrowing capacity of its municipalities for public investment to bring in as much benefit for the country's economy as possible, the Organization for Co-cooperation and Development says.

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5 smart city solutions from KTU students for Kaunas

Smart waste collection systems, advanced street lighting, mobile applications informing on the traffic are just a few examples of technologies for a smart city. Every year, consumption and pollution rates go up people living in urban areas are experiencing parking and traffic problems, therefore the demand for technology and science-based solutions in cities increasing. Kaunas City Municipality aiming to improve the life and well-being of citizens involved KTU students into solving real challenges the city faces.

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Man dies after COVID-19 shot

A 77-year-old man has died in Lithuania after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot but his death is not linked to the vaccine, the State Medicines Control Agency said on Friday.

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Lithuania ranks 15th in Europe by COVID-19 case

Lithuania comes in 15th in terms of the 14-day COVID-19 case notification rate among the European countries monitored by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and was in the 9th place in terms of 14-day death notification rate.

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Pavilionis', European and US parliamentarians on the situation in Georgia - the Lithuania Tribune

Today, Žygimantas Pavilionis, Chair of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with influential European and US parliamentarians, issued the statement with the aim of curbing antidemocratic tendencies in this country, Office of the [...]

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Man dies in Lithuania while getting vaccinated, death not linked to Covid-19 shot

A 77-year-old man has died in Lithuania minutes after receiving a Covid-19 shot, although the death is not linked to the vaccine, the State Medicines Control Agency (VVKT) said on Friday.

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Man dies in Lithuania while getting Covid-19 shot, death not linked to vaccine

A 77-year-old man has died in Lithuania minutes after receiving a Covid-19 shot, although the death is not linked to the vaccine, the State Medicines Control Agency (VVKT) said on Friday.

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FT ranks Vilnius among top global cities of the future

Vilnius has been ranked among the top 25 Global Cities of the Future by the fDi at the Financial Times, according to a press release by Vilnius municipality.

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  • February 16 is not only the birthday of Lithuania but also of the national higher education

    February 16th

    On February 16, 1918, by signing The Act of Reinstating Independence, Lithuania declared its independence. However, this is not the only reason for celebrating February 16th.

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  • Remains of 11 post-war partisans, their supporters found, identified in Lithuania

    February 16th

    The remains of 11 Lithuanian partisans and their supporters have been discovered and identified in Vilnius and Leipalingis, near the southern town of Druskininkai, the Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania said on Monday.

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  • Between Music and Ritual with Vítězslav Mikeš

    February 13th

    The Music Information Centre Lithuania has recently released the album Between Music and Ritual that has been in gestation for two years. It features works by Bronius Kutavičius, Justė Janulytė, Justina Repečkaitė, Antanas Jasenka and Dominykas Digimas, as well as creative collaborations between Jūra Elena Šedytė and Simonas Nekrošius and Arturas Bumšteinas and Viktorija Damerell. The album was curated by Vítězslav Mikeš – a Czech musicologist, music writer, programmer and an indefatigable promoter whose significant contribution to the dissemination of Lithuanian music in the Czech Republic was acknowledged with the Knight’s Cross of the Order for Merits to Lithuania in 2018.

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  • Churches to resume public services on Wednesday

    February 12th

    Most Roman Catholic churches in Lithuania will reopen to public worship next Wednesday, the Church leaders said on Friday.

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  • Vilnius University is looking for 350 academic staff

    February 7th

    Vilnius University has called international competitions to fill free academic positions as it is looking for 350 lecturers and science workers from various areas.

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